Our product lines include Bare-Metal Foil, Experts-Choice Decals, the Bare-Metal Panel Scriber, polyurethane casting resin, polyurethane mold rubber, silicone rtv mold rubber, Bare-Metal plastic polish, and Microscale modeling liquids.

Bare-Metal Foil is the number one model detailing foil. Bare-Metal gives your plastic models, especially cars and aircraft the realistic metal finishes that just can't be duplicated with any paint. Bare-Metal Foil looks like metal because it is metal™. Model cars can be trimmed with Bare-Metal Foil around the windshield, along chrome strips, on emblems, key holes, and wiper arms. On model aircraft, Bare-Metal Foil gives natural metal surfaces the most realistic look you could hope for. Using Bare-Metal Foil will give your plastic models the high quality finish that will set them apart from the average plastic model cars and aircraft.

The polyurethane casting resins that we stock are made by Polytek. We feature easy to 1:1 by volume casting resins that are very user-friendly. Most casting resins cure in a matter of minutes.

We also stock polyurethane mold rubber. Most polyurethane mold rubber compounds are 1:1 by volume systems. Polyurethane rubbers are popular with people doing concrete stamping, candle making, resin casting, and many other applications. Also on our site you will find silicone mold rubber. There are two RTV silicone mold rubbers called PlatSil 71-11 and PlatSil 71-20 that are catalyzed 1:1 by volume and cure in four hours. Polytek also produces more traditional by weight catalyzed silicone mold rubbers in the TinSil and PlatSil Series families.

Our Experts-Choice Decals are high quality and thoroughly researched decal sheets for your model aircraft kits. We also have Experts-Choice Decal Film. With our Experts-Choice Decal Film, you can easily create any decal on your home PC and inkjet or laser printer. Experts-Choice Decal Film comes in clear and white. This gives you the option of choosing the type of background your decals are printed on.

Plastic Modeling Products:

Bare-Metal® Foil
Super thin self-adhesive metal foil for detailing model cars and aircraft. The look of your plastic models will be dramatically improved with Bare-Metal Foil.

Bare-Metal® Panel Scriber and Handbook
Panel Scriber the perfect tool for removing doors and trunks lids on plastic model cars and for putting panel lines on model aircraft. Also just released and new handbook on how to use the Bare-Metal® Panel Scriber.

Experts-Choice™ Decal Film
The same decal film used by professional printers to produce commercial decals. Now available for both inkjet and laser printers. Clear and white sheets come in standard 8 X 11 paper sizes for easy use.

Experts-Choice™ 1/32 Scale Decals
Experts-Choice™ 1/48 Scale Decals
Experts-Choice™ 1/72 Scale Decals
Some of the most accurate decals for model aircraft on the market. Many new and released sheets to choose from.

MicroScale Liquids
MicroScale has a wide range of products for finishing and decorating models.

Specialty Items
A collection of interesting helpful items. Includes Bare-Metal® Plastic Polish, Experts-Choice™ Parts Placer, Bare-Metal® Adhesive, and much more...

Mold Making and Casting Starter Kit
The perfect place for the beginner to get a start. If you've never made a mold or casting before this kit is a must.

Mold Making Products:

Polytek® PlatSil Series Silicone RTV Mold Systems
Platsil 71 Series Silicone Mold Rubber is a platinum cured system. Includes Polytek 71-20 our most popular 1:1 by volume catalyzed silicone RTV and new Polytek 71-15 and softer version of 71-20. And many other products, from very soft 71-10 to firm 71-60 hardness. Best for casting resins and low melting metals.

Polytek® Tinsil Series Silicone RTV Mold Systems
Tinsil 70 Series Silicone Mold Rubber is a tin cured system. And many other products, from very soft 70-10 to firm 70-60 hardness. Best for casting resins and low melting metals.

Polytek® Polyurethane 74 Series Mold Rubbers
Great line-up of high quality rubber for foundry, concrete forms, concrete stamping pads, and statuary mold making materials. Full tables and prices. Complete How To section.

Polytek® Polyurethane 75 Series Mold Rubbers
Great line-up of high quality rubber for foundry, concrete forms, concrete stamping pads, and statuary mold making materials. Full tables and prices. Complete How To section.

Polytek® Poly Latex 60
Poly Latex 60 mold making compound. Great for making cast concrete items. Very easy to use one part mold rubber, just brush on and allow to dry.

Polytek® Poly Latex False Face
Casting Latex is commonly used for making masks, cast parts for movie and theatre actor make-up parts, and other cast rubber objects

Polytek® Hydrogel N Alginate
A natural water activated mold making compound. The perfect choice for making molds of the human body. Lifecasting is made easy with Hydrogel® N.

Casting Resins:

Polytek® EasyFlo™ 60 Polyurethane Casting Resin
Easy to use 1:1 polyurethane casting resin. EasyFlo 60® is a very low viscosity resin that can pick up detail down to a finger print.

Release Agents, Glass Fillers, Light / Dark Bronze, and Poly Fiber II
Silicone and Wax based mold release agents. Light and dark bronze filler for cold cast bronze. Micro bulb and solid glass sphere fillers to displace resin volume. Micro bulbs make cast pieces lighter. Solid glass spheres make castings heavier. And new Poly Fiber II that is a powder use to thicken polyurethane mold rubber or casting resin.

Resource Room:

Books on Amazon.com
A collection of reference books covering plastic modeling. We looked up these books so you don't have to.

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